Why these Historic Images?

My name is "Peter Thompson", the image on the right depicts the wedding day of my Grandfather "James Robert Thompson" and "Mary Ann Lazenby" on April 3rd 1892 his mother "Sarah Ann Thompson" ne "Pickford" seated.

They resided for all their married lifetime in "New Mills" firstly at "Whitle Bank" but for the greater part "Stafford Street". They raised nine children, one son William was lost in WW1, Olive their eldest daughter married a wounded Welsh soldier being treated in a WW1 hospital then located on "Buxton Road", near the "Swan Hotel, New Mills". Olive and her new husband returned to his home town "Swansea in South Wales".

The other seven children remained in New Mills and raised families of their own. Robert was employed at "Watford Bridge Print Works" untill it closed.

My G Grandfather George Thompson and G G Grandfather William Thompson were both coal miners employed in local mines.

Hence my fascination with historical images of New Mills and District....Heritage.

(There are in fact pre -WW1 pictures on the site showing my Grandfathers children at play in New Mills).

My personal history.

I was born in 1934 and attended school at New Mills. After leaving school I was employed at the CPA owned Watford Bridge Engraving Works as a Textile Engraver. A line of employment I have remained with until retirement.

As a Textile Engraver I have spent long spells overseas including.
Puerto Rico, S. Ireland. Zimbabwe and Swaziland.
My wife and I now retired, reside in North Wales.

We have four children three boys and one girl, now with families of their own. the boys living in New Mills our daughter in Scotland.

In 2017 Enid and I celebrated our "Diamomd Wedding" 60 years together.

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Below, links to our family life in the fairly recent past -

My Hobbies.

Computer Graphics,
Digital Photography.
Web Site Design.
Our Garden.

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