From a sepia postcard - Postmark 1930

Fox Inn, Brookbottom. Proprietor Barrie Pooley. c.1915

Brookbottom, erecting an electricity supply pole. Electricity was installed in Brookbottom in 1932.

Houses at Brookbottom.
The house in the foreground was known as Round Step. c.1940

The Fox Brookbottom fhe Methodist Chapel can be seen in the background.

Cottage behind Fox Inn, Brookbottom. c.1970

The front garden Fox Inn, Brookbottom. Mr & Mrs Barrie Pooley Landlord c.1915

Group of men outside the Fox Inn, Brookbottom. 1913.
Back row of six: 3. Henry Lomas, son of Richard, 4. (under E of WALKERS) is Myer Baum, son-in-law of Richard, 6. Richard Lomas, landlord.

Garden of the Fox Inn, Brookbottom. The landlord, Mr Dick Lomas,with his grandson Herbert Baum. c1909

Horse and trap at four lane ends, Brookbottom. On left is Richard Lomas, landlord of the Fox and owner of the horse and trap.On the right is his grandson Herbert Baum. 1911

Large party outside Fox Inn, Brookbottom, possibly a charabanc trip from Bollington.
In doorway is Richard Lomas, landlord. Man to left of man in bowler, in centre of window, is Henry Lomas son of Richard. Baby in front of man in bowler is May Baum, Herbert's twin sister. On right of baby her mother Mary Baum daughter of Richard. c.1906