Market Street Whaley Bridge.

Delivery of Taxal Church Bells to Whaley Bridge Station.

Kettleshulme scholars.

Winnats Pass

Coronation George V. Whaley Bridge 1911.

The Two Bridges Whaley Bridge c. 1911.

The foot of Shallcross incline.


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Waterloo Pit Whaley Bridge

Errwood Hall

A shooting party for friends of the Grimshaw's Errwood Hall c1883

As above a hunting party at Errwood c.1881

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Errwood Etate Workers and Domestic Staff.

Servants and staff, outside Errwood Hall.

From a Postcard c.1914


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Taxal Bridge, below Taxal Church, Whaley Bridge

Taxel Church

Taxal Church showing graveyard and road.

Taxal Woods near ford across Goyt behind Taxal Church

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Post Office Whaley Bridge

Coronation of George V - Parade 1911

Sycamores Whaley Bridge c.1919

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The White Hart Hotel Whaley Bridge - Landlord Tom Coward

Where is the location? ..... Solved see below....

" I think it's Flats Lane in Kettleshulme"....Jack Had

The Murder Stone Disley old Road above Furness Vale

The Smithy

Shallcross Mill Farm c.1911.

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Building under construction at Goyt Mill, Whaley Bridge.

The magazines of Chilworth's gunpowder works, now beneath the waters of the Fernilee Reservoir, pictured sometime before 1914. The works consisted of four magazines with storage for 200 tons of powder. It is said that powder made here was used by ships under the command of Sir Francis Drake in the 16th century, and was certainly supplied to the army in the First World War. One time employing 100 men, the works closed with the introduction of modern ammunition, in the early 1920s. Around the fire engine are right, Mr. Oyarazabel, with next but one to him Mr. Sherwood, a cooper whose job was to produce the barrels, next but one again Mr. Mcbean. The man next to the end was killed in an explosion, as was one other photographed. A further two were named Clayton and Wood. The powder manufactured was a charcoal, sulphur, saltpetre mixture, ground, pressed and broken into pellets.

Chilworth Staff and Vehicle

The White Horse Whaley Bridge.

Speculation.... Some of the Depledge men worked at the GunPpowder Mill at Fernilee, their float in picture.
Charles fought in the Boer War, two men in the image are wearing army slouch hats the type worn in the Boer war.... Perhaps these men are Depledges?

Whaley Bridge Tennis and Bowling Club members. - Back to top of page

Lane Head Farm, Elnor Lane, Whaley Bridge.

The Whaley Bridge incline of the Cromford and High Peak Railway, looking up. The incline closed in 1952 and was horse drawn. In the background is Christchurch, built in 1903 and converted to a residence in 1997, now known as Spire House.

Turn Farm Whaley Bridge

J.Hall, Levi Hall, and Elijah Bridge.
The Hall brothers were prominent coal mine owners in Whaley Bridge and district.

Horwhich Burial Society Procession Passing The Cock Hotel.

Brownside Farm Stoneheads.

New Mills Wesleyan High Street Sunday School.
Trip to Whaley Bridge -1896

Whaley Bridge men on war service with a background of trucks carrying raw cotton. Photographed by W.C. Wynn in 1916

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Memorial Park, Whaley Bridge. From postcard, postmark 1923.

Goyt Mill Winding Department

Whaley Bridge Gas Works

A couple of images taken during the construction of the Gas Works: Circa 1927

Wharf Colliery, Whaley Bridge. 1935.

It was worked by L & E Hall. The last head of the firm was Mr Levi Joseph Hall, JP. The smiling boy in the cart is James Rhodes. The man with the beard is William Ashton, former carter. The boy with the bucket is Moses Gould. The other boy is Norman Wood.

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Whaley Bridge

The Corn Mill

Dove Holes 1947

Whaley Bridge

See below -

One of the owners of the manor.
Local soldier Col. Hall on horseback left with his regiment in Chesterfield.

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Whaley Bridge

But -Could it perhaps be The Shed at Bingswood Whaley Bridge?

Whaley Bridge some years after the image below.

Whaley Bridge

Whaley Bridge

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