The "Little Mill Inn" Rowarth.

The Little Mill Inn Water Wheel Rowarth.

A wedding picture c1908, Taken at Eaves Knoll at the back of the farm near a barn gable end, the back drop of the hill on the right being the current quarry above Birch Vale on the Hayfield Rd. Image: Robert Marchington

Thought to be taken at Eaves Knoll - Image- Robert Marchington

From Sarah Marchington’s family album ID unknown but probabaly a Marchington, Hartle or Stafford family member. Image: Robert Marchington

Sarah Marchington, b1876 & Martha Marchington. b1878, c1895 - Image: Robert Marchington

Sarah later married Tom Stafford and they took over Knightwake farm from Toms parents who are all in the Wedding Photo at the top of this page.

Cottages on Eaves Knoll. These cottages later joined into one called Moorland Cottage.
Mrs Mason in the doorway. c1903

The Mason Brothers

Cottages at Eaves Knoll. Rose Cottage at left, Poets Cottage at right.
Rose Cottage now demolished . c1903

Mary Ann Peach

Birth about 1853-56 in Stourbridge, Worcestershire.

Death 27 April 1923 in Poets Cottage, Eaves Knoll,

New Mills, Derbyshire.

People beside Rose Cottage, Eaves Knoll. c. 1903

The building left is the wash house. The cottages in the background later joined into one house called Moorland Cottage.

Cottages on Eaves Knoll. These cottages later joined into one called Moorland Cottage The two women in the doorway are Polly Mason and Mrs Mason. c1903

High Lea, Well Street on the left.

Long Lea Farmhouse Rowarth . AD 1639

Shooting party with guns at Rowarth.
Written on edge - My shooting party, Bank Holiday 5 August 1907, Rowarth, Derbyshire. E Evans BLM.

Rowarth Post Office. c. 1900 - T Waterhouse had a general store and Post Office.

The Childrens Inn Rowarth

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