On September 14th 1957 I married "Enid Howard" the daughter of "Percival Howard" at Hatherlow Church near Enid's home in Romiley, Cheshire.
There follows below a collection of images that relate to her family history.
Three of her fathers brothers emigrated to Australia - Albert 1920, Arthur 1927 and Stanley 1929. With the help of Enid's brother "Peter Howard" their pictures and detail are included in this web page.

Albert is missing from this picture at that time he was working in Manchester for the Corporation as a plumbing engineer..

Mary Ellen Howard and we think Arthur.

Mary Ellen in later years.

Mary Ellen Howard and Rueben Hurst her second husband after their wedding.

Mary Ellen Howard

Albert Howard.
1891 - 1958

Albert and May and their five daughters.

Albert and May with daughters, Elsie May, Ethel, Dorothy and Eva.

Albert and May with their daughters, son in laws and grandchildren.

Arthur Howard
1896 - 1939

Arthur & family on the boat out to Australia.

Arthur and Alice Howard

The foursome are Albert and May Howard, Arthur and Alice Howard on the right.

Arthur, Alice Reg, Sheila, & Mavis

After Arthur's death, Alice with children, Sheila, Reg, Mavis and Elsie Freda.

John Percival Howard 1901 -1985

Percival Howard.

Edith, Enid and Grandma Howard..

Percivals four sons Brian, Frank, Peter, and Jack the eldest.

Peter, Hilda and Frank, Enid, Cissie, Percival, Vera and Jack.

Percival with his second wife Cissie.

Enid Howard his only daughter.

Jack (army) and Frank Howard (airforce).

Here we are... "Up to date 2018" with Percival's only daughter Enid and son Peter.

Freda Evelyn Ellen Howard
1906 - 1986

Freda Howard.

Freda and Percival Howard seated - rear Peter Howard, Carol Howard, Minor Speed, Reginald Howard, Cissie Howard, Joan Howard Reginalds wife

A familey gathering at Freda's home in Rhos on Sea North Wales, including Langford, Percival and Albert with their wives.


Stanley Howard
1907 - 1947


Stanley Howard

Jessie Howard

June their daughter.

Stanley and Jessie

Jessie with her mother at Newton, Hyde.

Eric Robert Purdey and his wife June Dorothy, Stanley Howards Grandaughter.

A more recent image of June, Julie, Peter and Karen - c.2017

Langford Howard
1908 - 1957

Langford Howard.

Langford Howard and Nellie's Wedding

Langford Howard and Nellie's 25th 1955 with Children Margret, Keith, Patricia, and Sylvia.

Margaret, Sylvia and Keith Howard, Langford's children.

Sylvia, Margret, Carol, Peter and Patricia.

September 14th 2017 Enid and Peter's diamond Wedding.

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