Bridge Tavern Bridge Street

Aspenshaw House

The Castle Guest House Castle Edge New Mills

Brookside New Mills now demolished.

July 21st 1900, 29, Market Street in New Mills, I believe the woman in the doorway is Emily Toovey. The young woman with the pram may very well be her niece Annie Smith.

Image and information: Elizabeth Smith Dash

North West Hotel Albion Road Newtown.

Hobsons Bakehouse their shop was on Market Street.

No. 15
Spring Cottage
No. 17
No. 21
No. 23

Torr Top Street New Mills

No.13 and No,15 Tor Top Street - Now the site of the Coop.

The Torrs

Manor Bank cottages, Hyde Bank Road.
Possibly members of the Higginbottom family who ran the foundry at the end of the row and lived in the cottages.

Construction of Council houses at New Street / Park Road.
From the Donald Ibbbotson Collection

Brookside Square c1938 from Hyde Bank New Mills was used as cattle-pen for Livesley's slaughter-house. Formerly it was a cattle pound known as the Pinfold.

The: Construction of Union Road Bridge.1884
A steam crane can be seen in operation on the bridge. Torr Mill in the background.

Construction Union Rd - Church rd Bridge New Mills - Work men including Henry Goulding , possibly 2nd from left middle row.

New Mils Market Street

Union Road, New Mills looking down. photo booth at front right. No. 1 at front left is J.A. Ingham, clothier now Barclays Bank. Sign for Beverley's shoeshop at no. 15. Chimney of Torr Mill can be seen, the mill burned down in 1912.

Car advertising Beverley's Shoes outside J P Beverley's Popular Boot Stores, 15 Union Road.
The car was owned by the Wharmby Family and seated in it are Charlie and Bertie Wharmby, sons of James and Elizabeth Wharmby

Lorry crash on Union Road bridge, showing Torr Top Mill chimney. May 1931

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The Wesleyan Chapel and Ollersett Moor St. Georges Road and Works in the background on the right.

Butcher's shop and barber's, top of Torr Top Street. Can be seen on the above image on the left, Broome's butchers was at the junction of Torr Top Street and Meal Street

Butcher's shop of Stephen Unwin, 67 Church Road. This later became Unsworths undertakers

The Square, Low Leighton. Low Leighton Post Office. The shop to the right of the Post Office was B Ratcliffe's butchers.

Mottershead's pork butchers shop, 13 High Street -Circa 1899.
On the step William Mottershead born 1893. On the pavement Arthur Herbert Mottershead, born 1892.

The business was established by John Henry Mottershead (father of Arthur) about 1880. John Henry retired in 1924 and Arthur took on the business until 1938. The business then closed down and the property was made into a house.

Chapel Street (Mellor Road circa 1910.

Girl standing on pavement on left was later Mrs Harrop. Woman holding child in her arms is Ethel Lee. Group at rear are the Thompson family from Stafford Street. Man at rear right is Mr Oldham. Lady in doorway on right is Mrs Oldham. Three boys sitting left to right: Jack Richardson, Jack Kelling, Harry Brownhill whose father kept the White Hart

High Street New Mills

Market Street c. 1905

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Market Street c. ?

Wedding group. Bride Beatrice Turner, groom Frank Eaton who had a cobbler's shop in
High Street, New Mills. c:1905 - 1910

Francis George Eaton and wife Beatrice he was born 1891 Eyam Derbyshire, Died Mar 1936 Hayfield, Derbyshire.

Hayfield Union Workhouse, Ollersett View, Lowleighton, New Mills.

Hayfield Union Workhouse, patients 1931

Mr R. Reynolds, Workhouse Master at New Mills for 27 years, died in May 1930. He was formerly Master of the Ashton-under-Lyne Workhouse.

New Mills Coop Bread Van outside Coop Furnising High Street.

Elephants from Gandy's Circus in Albion Road, near junction with Union Road. Shop at 10 Albion Road on left. The circus was visiting Newtown Football Field Circa 1965

The George Hotel and The Masons Arms High Street

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Congregational Chapel, Mellor Road (Chapel Street) . Man on right is Fred Boyle. Man in centre is George Allen. c1905 - Photographer J Randles, Bridge Street.

Hyde Bank Road

Penny-farthing bicycle. Men at Watford Bridge Printworks.

Location - Albion Road now the Bar BQ Chipshop. c,1910

Car built by Mr W. Prince in his shop at 94 Albion Rd. See above picture.
Photo in Torr Vale Road in 1904.

High Street New Mills - Picture by Livesley Family

Mr John Andrew Mason, born 1905 died 1976, on a motor bike. New Mills.

The White Hart Hotel

White Hart, top of Dyehouse Lane. Possibly Sunday School anniversary.

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Arden Street - Church Road, Steam lorry of John Wm Swindells c.1910

J W Swindells Yard

Newtown Albion Road

Providence Independent Chapel, Chapel Street now Mellor Road c.1910

Lady on left walking away is Miss Jessie Howard, dressmaker. Ethel Lee is holding youngster in arms. Other people include Mrs Harrop, Eva Shaw, Jack Keeling, Alf Howard. Sitting on the wall are the four girls from the Thompson family of Stafford Street.

Exterior of Providence Chapel before alterations and extensions. Chapel Street later renamed Mellor Road - circa 1913.

High Street

Advert for New Mills Gas Company, Gas Works, New Mills - 1924.

Circa 1895

New Mills Council School Spring Bank c. 1907

Newtown Toll Gate

Chaple Street now Mellor Road

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Hunters Market Street New Mills

The Hare and Hounds Low Leighton

William Henry DYER
Birth 04 Sep 1876 in Newchurch, Rossendale, Lancashire.

Death 13 Oct 1955 in Stockport, Cheshire.

Hairdresser Musician

William Dyers Hairdressers High Street 1899.

Perhaps his two sons in doorway.

William Dyer with his Family.

Union Road c.1919

Market Street Town Hall on Horizon

Co-op coal wagon in front of Co-op garages on Meadow Street. Decorated for Thornsett Carnival 1927 - The driver was Clifford Wild who in 1984 lived at 108 Buxton Road. the vehicle was a Dennis motor wagon.

Toll-bar and toll-house on Church Road at junction with Marsh Lane.

New Mills Post Office, 62 Market Street - Circa 1900

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High Street

Hurst Lea

Rock Street, showing Torr Top Mission, and board advertising Howard's Decorators.

Possibly Howard's Painters and Decorators workmen on Chaple Street/Mellor Road a member of the Howard family resided with his family in one of the cottages about 3 doors above the shop. The shop was at one time Wyatt's general store.

Bioscope, Jodrell Street. Site later occupied by Art Theatre

Captain Payne was a showman who ran a touring bioscope exhibition. It appeared at wakes week fairs throughout the north of England from 1898 to 1912.

Market Street

Sign on end of block on right is W George (no. 19). Beyond gap on right is Harrops butchers and drapers J D Lomax at front left (no. 44). No. 23 at front right. Crown Hotel on lamp. On van is H Brennand, baker and confectioner, Hayfield. (See Hayfield page)

Mrs Margaret Randles, wife of Joseph Randles in doorway of the Printers Arms, Dyehouse Lane.
This was an alehouse, across the road from the Drunkard's Reform, kept by Margaret Randle's mother, Mrs Vizard (married to Jack Vizard - her 2nd husband.

Bus from Hayfield to Stockport passing through Hague Bar in the early days of the service. Behind the bus is Hague Bar Mill, at that time a rubber works. c 1927

Grocers shop belonging to Jesse Hawley on Dyehouse Lane at junction with High Street. c:1900

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