In 1983 I was offered a position with one of the largest Textile Companies in Southern Africa based in Harare, Zimbabwe, Fashion Enterprises Ltd.  My family and I were to reside there for more than ten happy years.

The following pages illustrate some of our time there.

Hogerty Hill about three miles distance from Harare.

The Sun Lounge and Bar

Shade House and Bri

The view from the bri.



George and Alisen take lunch.

A Birthday

Fashion by Schulyer

Enid on the bri.

Charlotte, Alisen and Mamford his son.

Jacaranda Trees Deacon Drive

Local Craft Shop

Water Colours


Our last couple of years in Zimbabwe were located in Mutare close to the Mozambique border

Morningside Mutare (Originaly Umtali).

Julian, Schulyer and Jeremy in Mutare

Isaiah at the Mutare house.

A few items from my African Walking Stick Collection

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