It's past and "Proposed Future".

Above two Dulas Park images July 2009.

The fence before it was allowed to fall into disrepair

Our Concern:

Planning permission is being sought to construct a high fence of commercial appearance along the full length of Dulas Park, It is my hope that permission will not be granted. If it is.... I feel that it will bring about the devaluation of our homes and downgrade greatly the neighborhood appearance.

Details are shown below.

The proposed plan - Location and Fence detail 6' x 6' panels of concrete and timber.

An interesting document from the Planning Office public files.

The starting point of the proposed new fence, sadly not the same as the section on the right of the image which would be perfectaly acceptable.

My home 7 Dulas Park below our new outlook.

The first installation, progress stopped following my contact with the Planning Department, because of illegal height of more than one meter

Planning permission now being sought to continue the fence in a simular style. It has not been made clear why this type and height is required?

Below as it will be in size but with a concrete base and the timber panels painted green, it will run for the entire length of the street a few yards from the front of all our homes.

The new appalling view from my lounge window number - 7 Dulas Park, this of course will be the same view for all residents if the project goes ahead. The result I feel sure will bring about the devaluation of our homes.

What can we do?

I mailed the letter below to all residents of Dulas Park....

The response was....

There are 10 resdents 50% object to the size of the fence.

If you share my concern please read the letter below from Conwy County Borough Council and act accordingly.



Email Planning

Peter Thompson